• Introducing the Data Vault

    A data backup solution with the convenience of a internet based backup without any of the flaws of cloud storage.

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    Powered with the latest technology

    Your Data Vault is assembled in America with the latest hardware and software iterations to assure you speed, security, and reliability

  • Simple User-Interface

    Automatic data uploading is as simple as set and forget. The intuitive recovery interface allows you to access all your files from one location.

  • Just say NO to the cloud

    When you store data on the cloud you're putting it on a server cluster shared by thousands of other users. With the Data Vault you get a private machine to send your data to that only you can access.

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    Premium services with low cost

    Say good-bye to nickle and dime fees. You can pay one low monthly rate and get full access to our services including a Lifetime Warranty, Delivery Services, and a Real Guarantee.

Secure Backup For Your Data

Access your data from a secure application on your computer. Your data is encrypted at all stages of the data backup process.

Population You

You data is backed up to a private server that only you have access to. None of this "shared cloud" nonsense and it's never possible for us to access your data for any reason.

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The Data Vault Difference

Need to restore your backup faster than you could download it? We can ship it to you! Encrypted to keep your data safe & compliant with security regulations.