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Why we're here

You may be wondering, "Who really uses backup? And why would they even use it?" If you're not wondering that, you can skip to the last paragraph of this page; however, if you are curious, allow us to explain. Backup is important for anybody who has valuable information on their computer. For many people, they have family photos, music, and videos they don't want to lose. They can usually get by with backing up to a DVD once a year or keeping Photo CDs when they develop their pictures.

Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to most people in the business world. Keeping data backed up, consistently, can be an uphill battle for a company over time without proper means. Cloud-based systems have vulnerabilities not easily overlooked. Types of back-up aside, there's also the issue of whether or not you can trust your vital information (whether it be business or personal) in the hands of a complete stranger. With the BackUbox, you have the undeniable security of knowing ONLYyou can access your backup.

So, who uses the BackUbox? Doctors, Lawyers, Small Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Webmasters, IT engineers, Video Producers, Writers, and people like you!

Our story

We started off as an IT company looking for a system to backup our files. In our search we discovered that the backup systems available meant sending our files to a server at an unknown location of which we would have no access. In addition we discovered that these backup/storage servers are shared with others. This attribute, we learned, has a tendency of making the upload/download speeds of backing up painstakingly slow. If we were to ever need our backed up data, we would be stuck waiting 3-4 days for the download to complete! Not only are these backup systems time consuming and put “our” data out of “our” control by not being easily accessible, but they cost an average of $500 a month for a mere TB storage capacity. This seemed to us a ridiculously high amount.

Being an IT company we decided the best resolution was to create our own backup system. First we looked at what we needed in a backup solution. We needed something that was a stand-alone, readily accessible server for backup that was for our files alone, none of this “shared” nonsense. We also needed something that did not have to be stored in the same office as the data being backed up, and of which the cost would be economically viable. So the BackUbox was born, with the philosophy: “Set it and forget it.” The BackUbox lets you rest easy so you do not have to worry about anyone, but you accessing your files. It is the future of backup, personified, then digitized… then trapped inside a sleek small box sold and maintained for a competitive price.