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Amazing Low Price

The BackUbox is a private backup device that you own and only you may access. The backup starts at $499 for 1000 GB (1 TB) up to 32 TB. Additional capacity can be added at any time. There is a monthly fee of $89 for the 1 TB model. You can upgrade to the maximum capacity of the box without incurring a higher monthly fee. There are no bandwidth/per GB fees. The monthly fee will not change unless you buy a different box.

Automated Backup

Once you download and install the provided software, you choose what to backup and Business Only Backup will do the rest. If you prefer you can change when/how often your BackUbox will backup.

Instant Data Retrieval

If you ever need data from your backup, it’s as simple as choosing which files you need from your computer and starting the download. For very large file transfers, we recommend that we ship the box to you. At that point, you plug the box into your network (with a regular network cable) and power (with the supplied power brick) and download your data from your computer the same way. When you’re done taking files off the BackUbox just press the power button and send it back in the provided container.

Active Monitoring

While we can never see what your data contains, our system is monitored for missing or incomplete backups. Should your backup not complete for any reason we will contact you to resolve the issue.