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This give you a complete walk through of the first time set-up for your Data Vault. (A video tutorial will be coming shortly)

This guide is assuming you’ve connected your backup device to power (with the provided power cable) and your network [switch or router] (with a network cable). The backup device does not need a monitor, mouse, or keyboard; all your interaction with it will be through your computer.

1. Download the software

First things first, go to http://www.businessonlybackup.com/infinity/downloads to download your client software. Mac and Windows installers have the MAC or WIN suffixes respectively. Be sure to download a x64_WIN installer if you’re using 64 bit windows! (Click here if you’re not sure what version you have)

If you see an error like this click “Save”, “Run”, or “Actions”

2. Install the software

Run the software on your server or computer (whatever computer has the files you want to backup) keep clicking “Next” to start the setup, accept the terms of service, and accept the default install location. If you arrive at this “Install” button screen you’re home free! Click “Install” and open the application when it has finished.

3. Enter your account information

Once you open the application it will ask you to setup your account. By default it will ask you to create a new user account, first thing is to switch from “New Account” to “Existing account” seen here circled in green. You should have received a Username, Password, and Server Address via email. If you haven’t received your account information please contact us immediately! Click on Existing Account (Circled in green) and enter that information to continue.

We recommend immediately changing your password. However you can perform your initial backup first if you prefer. Instructions for changing your password can be found here

4. First Backup

The first section we’re taken to is “Backup” at the bottom of this page we can change what files are being backed up to your Vault, Click “Change” in the “Files” section to select what files or folders you need backed up. Once you’ve decided press “Start Backup” to begin your first backup sync.

In this view we can also see all the computers you have backed up. If you were to replace a computer you have the option of “adopt”ing a previous backup of a computer as to avoid the process of initial backup again