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Thousands of Amazon Cloud accounts exposed to public

The cloud isn’t looking so great lately with this latest news from Amazon. Rapid7 an internet security company did some “testing” on Amazons Simple Storage Service (S3) and found thousands of exposed accounts containing over 126 billion files. Some specific...

Google Drive suffers from service outage

Last week Google Drive was down due to a software bug during a scheduled maintenance event. According to Google the issue affected up to 33% of all user requests. Complaints were popping up quickly across social media outlets like Twitter as there was no available redundancy for...

Is your cloud drive really private?

Don’t expect your cloud-saved data to be private. An article posted by NBC News points out instances of routine scans, by cloud storage providers, of their clients data. Apple — which declined to comment — and Microsoft, along with Verizon Online, state in their user...